While the 30th season of “the Simpsons” is in full swing on FOX, the famous animated series from Matt Groening has been renewed for two more seasons, which will allow him to cross the bar of the 700 episodes. Fox, While Disney acquired from Fox last year, the most famous animated series of the company, this television since 1989 (!!) seems to part to last a little longer. The Simpsons, the 30th season is now at its peak, in effect, has been renewed for two more seasons : the 31 and the 32, which should allow the series to exceed 700 episodes in total. While a second-long film had also been mentioned last August, Homer, Marge and their children shall come again in any case to make laugh the new generations of viewers for at least the next two years, continuing their life until 2021. Currently in broadcast on FOX, the season 30 of the Simpson in particular has been marked by a trip on a tropical island for Homer and Marge, by the arrival of a Russian wife for Moe and a wink to the Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain.

In the meantime more information on the following seasons, here are 5 things you absolutely must know about “The Simpsons”… Give Me Five Emissions Bonus

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In the next episode of “More beautiful the life”… Finally got rid of the Celestial, Luna intends to enjoy life; Ariane criticises Samia for having destroyed his marriage; Alison discovers the treason of Abdel. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie released next Monday on France 3 ! Ariane is devastated by the choice of Jean-Paul Ariane refuses to accept that everything is finished between Jean-Paul and she. They are a threat to Samia in his institute, accusing him of having manipulated his ex to make them break. The conversation is short when Lucille catches. Samia expressed the situation to Jean-Paul and asks him to talk to Ariane. He tries to reason with her, but she still believes in a second chance… Alison discovers the truth By listening to the messages on his mobile, Alison understands that it is Abdel who denounced Mathias to Cortez : indeed, he attempted to warn them prior to their departure for the airport warning him of the trap. It explodes and destroys everything in his room. It requires accounts to Abdel, who confesses to him, finally his feelings. But will this be enough there so that the younger woman would forgive him ? A new life for Luna ? Luna sign finally the promise of sale of the Celestial to a racheteuse. While Mirta and the tenants of the hotel do not hide their concern in the face of this change in ownership, Luna doesn’t care and is determined to enjoy life by projecting to the world tour with the money from the sale. In the evening, she celebrates the event with Babeth and Jeanne. Having had a few to drink, she finished off the evening with the handsome Francesco, one of the tenants of the Celestial… The next day, as Babeth entrusted him with worry for her compared to how she saw the death of Sacha Luna shows him the word that he has left before leaving, and reveals to him that he has made up his disappearance. She did not doubt at that time that the ISB listening…

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Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 391 of Friday 1st of February 2019 [SPOILERS]
Lethal Weapon : Clayne Crawford (Riggs) soon back in a series

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Victory takes risks to protect Yann Moss. Mila passes the sponge in the face of his mother, once more. Kevin discovers the power conferred by his profession. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode, More Beautiful life aired Monday night on France 3 ! Victory puts himself in danger to protect Yann Moss When Yann Moss reveals that he is engaged in ecology, thanks to the influence of the father of Victory, himself an activist and who had disappeared suddenly, the young woman is upset. She lies to Ferri on the plans for the Moss to divert his attention; but she refuses to join Yann Moss in his fight, still too baffled by these revelations and his need for a quest for identity. Sacha, worried about the actions of Victory, demand accounts to Yann Moss. The young man puts it in the face of his jealousy : there is a risk of losing Victory if he tries to control it at any price. During this time, Nebout and the substitute prosecutor shall take Ferri to hunt; but for this they need the testimony of the wife of Sacha, and are completely unaware of his true identity… Mila is manipulated by his mother Mila receives a call from the commissioner’s office : his mother has again made a stop to drunkenness on the public highway. Despite his discussions with Valero on its leniency vis-à-vis her, she gives in and visits him while she is in a cell sobering up. Carol Leconte witnesses the scene and, excited, takes the girl aside and made him understand that his mother is very lucky to have a girl so forgiving that he forgives all, which is far from the case with his own son, Valère… revenge is a dish best served cold for Kevin While Kevin is talking with Baptiste at Mistral, he overhears Blanche trying to walk his dog and not picking up its droppings. He saw in this an unhoped-for opportunity of revenge for his French teacher that she had no gift when he was a high school student, and verbalise in spite of his protests. A little later, Frank goes to greet the young officer at the police station, and tries to coax them to cancel the fine of White. But Kevin did not budge and the threat of accusing him of attempted bribery !

Over the day : a trailer for season 3 of the sitcom
Bracelets, red, Charlie, turn up the sound, Cain… The appointment series from 11 to 17 march

At 24, Taylor Russell Mckenzie is the poster of the movie Escape Game, already visible in the room. But in what have we already seen the actress ? A native of the city of Vancouver, Taylor Russell Mckenzie began his acting career with appearances in series and tv movies canadian (The eye of friendship, Strange Empire). In 2015, the teen embodies for the first time a main character in the horror film Suspension, where she finds herself chased by a killer psychotic. She joined the same year the season 5 of the SF series Falling Skies in the role of Evelyn, one of the survivors rescued by Dingaan. Netflix

His path intersects with a first time the way of Netflix with the movie on The last day of my life, drama teenager where she holds a secondary role. A few months later, proposed to the actress of 23 years a place of choice in the remake of Lost in space/Lost in space produced by Netflix. Taylor Russell, plays the eldest daughter in the Robinson family, who finds himself trapped on a hostile planet. It then turns out to be a key element for the survival of his people since she has received training in medicine. Thanks to the notoriety of the series, the young woman is offered a role in the adaptation of the book the Word on Bathroom Walls, by Thor Freudenthal, director of Percy Jackson : sea of monsters. The young woman bounces also thanks to the feature film Blackwood – the boarding school, out in us on VOD last month. Figure in casting Uma Thurman and AnnaSophia Robb (The Carry Diaries). Entertainment One Films Spain It is this time at the cinema that we find Taylor Russell. She left the vastness of space to a room more confined in Escape Game, horror film directed by a gender expert (Adam Robitel has signed Insidious : the last key). Surfing on the trend of this game where the participants have to get out of a closed room, the film has been postponed after the death of five teenagers Polish years as a fire broke out during a real escape game. The canadian actress gives a reply to Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), Logan Miller (whom she had met in the last day of The rest of my life) and Jay Ellis (Insecure). All three find themselves in a situation out of control, or only their intelligence will allow them to survive. And in this game, the character played by Taylor Russell seems to be pulling its pin from the play. It should be noted that a sequel has already been commissioned by the studio. The actress does not stop there. She will slip again into his space suit for the season 2 of Lost in space, expected in the course of 2019 on Netflix. It will also be in the poster of the adaptation Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets alongside Lisa Edelstein and Jason Isaacs. Escape Game trailer VO

13 Reasons Why : the shooting of season 3 is finished
13 Reasons Why : the shooting of season 3 is finished

The horror film “Us” has the best start in paris this Wednesday, march 20, with 1562 entries. The French film “Last love” and “Who loves me follow me!” complete the podium. Universal Pictures With 1 562 entries at the counter, the horror film Us saves substantially the same performance as the Get Out, the previous album signed Jordan Peele, who had attracted 1 488 spectators in may 2017. RangFilmEntrées*Number of copies*Average per copy*1 Us 1 562 21 74 2 Last love 854 17 50 3 Who loves me follow me! 695 13 53 4 Sunset 403 10 40 5 Walter 327 8 41 6 M 234 4 59 7 Honey full head 210 8 26 8 Among the reeds 67 1 67 9 The Ark Russian 39 2 20 10 Ragtime 36 1 36 11 Their breath 32 3 11 12 The Man who surprised everyone 24 2 12 13 the quiet American 23 1 23 14 Comprame a Revolver 19 1 19 15 particular Signs : none 16 1 16 16 Social Business 11 1 11 17 Resistant 5 1 5 18 The Dream of Sam 4 4 1 19 The Body wild 2 1 2 20 Wild 1 1 1 The trailer of “Us” : Us trailer (2) OV Source : CBO Box-Office

Plus belle la vie : summary what you can expect in the episode 3769 Thursday 4 April 2019 [SPOILERS]
After Wife me my friend, Tarek Boudali is preparing a police comedy [EXCLUDED]

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer (“Bird Box”) will proceed to the adaptation of series of the trilogy “The Orphans of the kingdom, which was officially commissioned by Netflix. Netflix While it is still unknown if a sequel to Bird Box will see the day or not, the screenwriter of the film, Eric Heisserer found a new ambitious project, since it would sign the adaptation series to Netflix in the trilogy fantastic The Orphans of the kingdom. Written by the author Leigh Bardugo and published between 2012 and 2014, the three novels of the saga have been a major international success, attracting the attention of Dreamworks studios and producer David Heyman (Harry Potter) for a film adaptation.

But it is finally on Netflix, and series, that will be the day, this adaptation of the Orphans of the kingdom, the eight episodes have already been ordered by the platform. Published in France (editions Milan, the novels follow the story of Alina, a young cartographer in charge of crossing the realm of Ravka, which has been ravaged for several millennia by a terrible war.

In the course of writing, the series will be produced by Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) and Pouya Shahbazian (Divergent).

After a first season to critical acclaim and the public, Marvel’s The Punisher is back for season 2 much darker. Frank Castle takes on a good time for all her costume of the avenger-to the delight of the fans. In the inaugural season, it was discovered the origins of the Punisher and in particular the birth of his vengeful spirit after the loss of his wife and his children. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is discovered after a long investigation that his best friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) is part of the leaders. He leaves yet the lives saved at the end, not without him leaving a few traces in the face. Despite of many killings, the fugitive on the warm blood, is pardoned by the government and begins season 2 in freedom with a new identity. In appearance a more peaceful, Frank Castle is going to fall back into its through meeting Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham), a young woman in danger that the Punisher will take him under his wing. Our dark hero will then find himself confronted by the Russian mafia but also to Billy Russo, who returns in the guise of the super-villain Jigsaw, inspired by the comics. Bloody, dark but very human, season 2 did not let the fans of the Punisher indifferent. As soon as the first episode of the explosive, the internet users are hooked. * Launches episode 1 of #Punisher *
“Oh well, he calmed down Frank”
* end of episode 1 *
“Ah. I’ve said nothing. “— Jessica Jones (@EliseBchz) January 18, 2019 episode 1 of #Punisher it is bad violent 🔥❌🤯 it is lfeu pic.twitter.com/xuKSAuNYYo — IBr 🐒❄ (@IbrDcr) January 17, 2019, I just finished the 1st episode ! And Frank you had missed me ! Sensitivity and brutality, but very very brutal 😍 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #punisherseason2 pic.twitter.com/6PyrUj6mMV — The Company (@Hazardous) January 18, 2019 The arrival of Amy Bendix brings a lot of freshness depending on the audience. His friendship with Frank Castle is validated by the fans ! The #Punisher episode #9 : j’ai kiffé ! I love the dynamic with the girl.

And the “white tank” ifiounowattaïmine ! pic.twitter.com/jSEkjS9WQu — The Clerk Of the Comics (@CommisDesComics) January 20, 2019 internet users are very fond of the fight scenes, and season 2 is no shortage. me in front of #Punisher too bastons and strafing it is too cool 😍😍😍 pic.twitter.com/O1h4aqvLJa — Nykoraptor (@NicolasBodein) 19 January 2019 After viewing 2ers episodes and a 1st part with the introduction of the new characters we quickly find a Frank Castle no mercy. Fighting is bloody, violent, well mounted. The masks are going to fall, both literally and figuratively. The beginning of the season top #Punisher — Yanis (@YaniStallone) January 18, 2019 internet users have spotted a familiar face of the series : that of Annette O’toole who played in Smallville. Oh, there’s Martha Kent (Annette O’toole) in the series Smallville in #Punisher 😱😱😱😱 pic.twitter.com/1hZSHHbWxK — 🐻 Yoann_802 🐻 🎮#VesperiaHype🎮 (@Yoann_802) January 20, 2019 Frank Castle must face two enemies : the Russian mafia, and Billy Russo. And it is the latter that the fans prefer as an opponent for the Punisher. Billy Russo in #Punisher it is this friend who hurts everybody, and it suddenly becomes amnesiac when we presented him with his own coin.— Heiteira (@lzaaah_) 20 January 2019 season two of the #Punisher is really good, but very long to start. I really look forward to the finish. And then Billy FUCKING. 💪 pic.twitter.com/qWbw3r1BFc — dɹɐɓonɟɐ (@Mr_dragonfa37) January 20, 2019, After the cancellation of Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, the fans of the Marvel universe are concerned about the future of the Punisher and hope to have the right to a third season… @NetflixFR please do the necessary for a season 3 of the punisher with the duo of Franck and Amy, thank you for your understanding.— momo (@gycer95) January 20, 2019 You can say what you want, The Punisher of the season 1 and 2 this is kind above any other series marvel, it is of interest to release a season 3 pic.twitter.com/xYkHfSvEAt — Lex (@SaiyajinLex) January 20, 2019, of Course, a tribute to Stan Lee was made at the end of season 2 of Marvel”s The Punisher. When jvois “In memory of Stan Lee” to the end of the last ep of The Punisher pic.twitter.com/HlLod5Le1o — Noodle 👑🖕🏻 (@VonCocaine) 20 January 2019 season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher is available on Netflix. Follow all the news from Netflix.

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : Sandrine Kiberlain between thriller and comedy, a policeman, a texan raised his daughter alone and a party that degenerates. “Allowed to watch” She’s the love of Jeanne Herry with Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lafitte (OCS Max, 20h40) : “Featuring a now overwhelmed by its own lies when it is involved in a murder story, She loves it manages to maintain a perfect balance between thriller and comedy. Impressive master (this is the first realization of Jeanne Herry, who also wrote the screenplay), this film malin led with a precision of a goldsmith also owes a great deal to its main performer, Sandrine Kiberlain. As usual, the actress proves to be amazing. Face it, Laurent Lafitte in bastard machiavellian is perfect.” Emilie Schneider Thunder Road trailer VO Thunder Road Jim Cummings with Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr (Ciné + Club, 20: 50) : “With Thunder Road, Jim Cummings proves that it is still possible to make of the nine with recurrent themes at the cinema. In the skin of a policeman, a texan trying as well as they could to raising her daughter, the director and actor, completely unknown until then, and delivers a performance the most moving and funny of 2018. Starting with a scene of a funeral hypnotic to guarantee that you from the first minutes of wanting to see more.” Caroline Langlois Game Night trailer VO Game Night by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams (Canal + Cinema, 20: 50) : “Game Night is proof that a games evening can be explosive. Peeping from the side of the thriller, including “The Game” by David Fincher, this comedy stands out first of all by the care given to its staging, in particular during its action scenes. The inventiveness of the situations and the energy of the cast do the rest. Rachel McAdams and Jesse Plemons, the perfect neighbor disturbed, stand out of this absurd comedy, which, if not revolutionize anything, proves to be effective.” Emilie Schneider “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Monday, 25th march ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.